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Hello Spring, that soft morning light

Oh, how we’ve missed you. It’s been far too long since you hibernated away for the winter, but I’m so glad your back.

Living in England, especially near the Peak District, we don’t really experience seasons the same as other countries do. The weather here doesn’t seem to slowly get warmer in spring, or colder in winter. It just seems to happen, as each day has a mind of its own and more often than not will be a mixture of cloudy, rainy, windy, drizzly, freezing and at times a little bit of sunshine….its so unpredictable.

Sure we have spring, it’s supposed to be in March (but we had snow), followed by the summer (mostly cloudy with rain), which if we’re lucky normally only ever consists of a few hot days and then before we know it, we’re into what seems to be an everlasting winter and dark nights.

Rinse and repeat and you get the idea of the weather each year. So when you wake up for pre-wedding shoot and find you have the first warm spring morning, you know its going to be a good day.

And that’s exactly what today was as I headed to Hardwick, in Derbyshire to meet Lauren and Alex for their pre-shoot.

We arrived at Hardwick ahead of the crowds, so we could freely explore the grounds without have to worry about anyone else. The weather was truly perfect, as the sun cast it’s soft light down on the infectious laughter of Lauren and Alex.

This is how their morning went.


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