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A Chatsworth wedding in the snow

This is the story of Hannah and Jamie, one which begins on a Sunday morning in late March. Their day started by waking upto a soft blanket of white snow, that fell in a flurry through the night and now spread for as far as the eye could see.

Hannah and Jamie’s wedding day couldn’t of been more different from their pre-shoot in the fall last year. Colourful autumnal leaves spread out in a sea of colour were now replaced with shivering trees huddled in snow coats. The ceremony and reception were both at Chatsworth House, which is a truly remarkable venue in the heart of the Derbyshire countryside. What made it extra special was the drive over the tops as the snow fell lightly from the sky.

Every wedding is special, but photographing Chatsworth in the snow made an ever lasting impression and one that couldn’t have been done without Hannah and Jamie, smiling and laughing together as they braved the cold standing on the bridge into Chatsworth.

This is how it happened.

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