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A cold weather, foggy morning shoot

Looking out of my window, there really couldn’t be anymore of a contrast to when I first met Faye and Damian. Today the clouds are heavy as thick snow falls from the February sky, but back in April last year, Faye, Damian and I were sat outside, drinking coffees in the spring sunshine.

Faye and Damian are to be married this Spring, in the beautiful surroundings of Ringwood Hall, in Derbyshire. They told me about how they met, their little boy Leo and their plans for their wedding day. When deciding on their pre-wedding shoot location Faye and Damian knew exactly where they wanted to go, their was no questioning that they wanted to go to Longshaw, where they had all spent many afternoons exploring the estate.

This is how our morning session went…

For those who are wondering, the Longshaw Estate is located in the Peak District and is owned by the National Trust. Living close to the Peak District, I’ve come to expect the weather to be more than a little temperamental. What is often supposed to be a clear morning, with bright sunshine can often leave you reaching for your coat, as the heavens open above.

So on this particular day, on this particular Sunday, we were promised clouds with sunny spells which would be perfect for Faye and Damian’s pre-wedding shoot. However, what we found waiting for us was a vast blanket of white fog as it encircled the Longshaw Estate.

The best thing about fog, is that it changes the whole dynamic of the shoot and even though it would of been nice to have a little bit of sunshine break from the clouds we were determined to make the most of our session. Nothing was to much trouble for Faye and Damian as they ventured through the woods, over fallen trees and though many many puddles.

Thank you for getting up early, braving the cold, jumping the puddles, sloshing through the mud and for just being two awesome people to spend my morning with.

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